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If you replace a toner in your Brother MFC9970CDW and the counter doesn’t correctly reset, you can use the following instructions to reset the counter.

  1. Turn the printer off and open the front cover.
  2. Then turn the printer on.
  3. The printer will display “Cover is open” or “Close cover”, then press the “1” key to display the Reset menu.
  4. Locate the correct toner option to reset and select it.
  5. If performed correctly the printer will display “Accepted“.

Note: for selecting the correct toner you should understand the cartridge code system Brother uses:

Black is K, Magenta is M, Cyan is C and Yellow is Y

  • TNR = toner
  • STR = starter cartridge (the toner cartridges that came with your printer)
  • STD = standard toner or TN340
  • HY or HC= high yield/high capacity toner or TN348

So to reset the TN340M magenta toner counter you would select M.TNR.STD (Magenta~Toner~Standard).

These instructions have been tested on the MFC9970CDW but may also work on the MFC9460CDN.

Credits to: https://www.easyink.co.nz/support/brother-mfc9970cdw-toner-counter-reset/.

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