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Links being in the following format: https://cfvod.kaltura.com/hls/p/<other link text>/name/a.mp4/seg-1-v1-a1.ts

Here is my full method for Chrome:

  1. open developer tools F12, go to network tab
  2. reload page
  3. play video, look for ts entries in left pane, e.g. seg-11-v1-a1.ts, click on name
  4. copy request URL in right pane e.g. https://cfvod.kaltura.com/hls/p/<link text>/name/a.mp4/seg-11-v1-a1.ts
  5. paste this in new browser window
  6. remove “hls” at beginning of link and the final subdirectory, e.g.
    https://cfvod.kaltura.com/hls/p/<link text>/name/a.mp4/seg-11-v1-a1.ts
    https://cfvod.kaltura.com/p/<more link text>/name/a.mp4
  7. load page
  8. MP4 can now be downloaded by clicking Download on HTML player controls (three dots menu)

Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56366523/obtaining-direct-download-link-for-an-embedded-kaltura-video.

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