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Downloads or Imports ride data directly from many devices; Imports ride data downloaded with other programs; Provides a rich set of analysis tools; Is available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, and released under an Open Source license: www.goldencheetah.org.

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Garmin BaseCamp™ is a map viewing / GIS software package that lets you

  • View map and satellite imagery and transfer it to the GPS device.
  • Plan trips by entering routes and waypoints and transferring them to the device.
  • Geotag photos and export them to e.g. Picasa.

You can import maps from websites such as http://garmin.openstreetmap.nlhttp://www.openfietsmap.nlhttp://www.tracks4africa.chhttps://openmtbmap.org, etc.

Download BaseCamp from: garmin.com/en-GB/shop/downloads/basecamp.

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Photo GPS Extract (PGE) is a small utility to visualize the GPS coordinates of a JPG photo on a map. This allows you to see the location where a certain picture was taken: http://www.bvsystems.be/photoGPSextract.php.

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