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On Nuudle, one can create polls to arrange an appointment or other simple surveys. In contrary to its sibling Doodle, Nuudle is fully anonymous, without any user-tracking, advertisement etc.: https://nuudel.digitalcourage.de.

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I recently tried to have the custom date format in MS Excel

DDD DD.M., as of Mon 24.5. formatted on two lines in a single cell. That is, as:


Aesthetisc of MS Office required me to implement this through formatting, instead of, e.g., using two cells with different formulas.

The solution was to use special characters, i.e., the line break character. Here, we’re talking about “ALT Keyboard Sequences”. Meaning: press and hold the ALT key while typing a sequence of numbers. For a line break, the sequence is “0010” or just “10”.

For the challenge above, in Excel, that meant typing DDD, then the ALT-sequence, and finally the DD.M. into the custom cell format. Interestingly enough, Excel makes a line break without showing the second (and further) line(s), but perfectly working as format.

The key sequences for any speical character can be found for example on https://tools.oratory.com/altcodes.html (EN) or also http://www.sonderzeichen.de/sonderzeichen_mit_alt.html (DE).

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Appointlet is an online appointment scheduler. Appointlet allows you to turn more prospects into customers by letting them connect with you straight from your landing pages, emails & sales funnels. Grow your sales, not your inbox. Turn more prospects into customers by letting them book you right away, without the costly back-and-forth: https://www.appointlet.com.

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