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Full integration, editable calendar with two-way synchronisation – more complicated than it could be: https://frightanic.com/apple-mac/thunderbird-icloud-calendar-sync/.

For the sync of contacts, the URL is: https://<serverID>-contacts.icloud.com/<user>/carddavhome/card/. See: https://support.mozilla.org/bm/questions/1384897.

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HFSExplorer is an application that can read Mac-formatted hard disks and disk images.
It can read the file systems HFS (Mac OS Standard), HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) and HFSX (Mac OS Extended with case sensitive file names).

HFSExplorer allows you to browse your Mac volumes with a graphical file system browser, extract files (copy to hard disk), view detailed information about the volume and create disk images from the volume.
HFSExplorer can also read most .dmg / .sparsebundle disk images created on a Mac, including zlib / bzip2 compressed images and AES-128 / AES-256 encrypted images. It supports the partition schemes Master Boot RecordGUID Partition Table and Apple Partition Map natively: http://www.catacombae.org/hfsexplorer/.

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iTools is a simple and powerful tool for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch users. It is 100% freeware and green, even do not need to install onto your PC, it has no ads or plugins in it. iTools is powerful, can easily manage media, iBooks, pictures and other files in your iDevices; it can help install, uninstall and backup your apps; it also can backup and restore your folders. iTools can help you manage your files in iDevices like windows: http://pro.itools.cn/itools3_en.


Post edited at Sept 28, 2017: According to Wordfence, the tool URL is listed on Google’s list of malware sites to potentially contain suspected malware.

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